Smart As (preowned)

Smart As (preowned)

PS Vita  |  Puzzle
G - General
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Product overview

Test your smarts with the PS Vita game, Smart As. Smart As will help measure your knowledge based on four areas, and helps you develop them and tracks that development so you can see just how well you’ve gone. Plus, compare yourself with others, with worldwide leaderboards.

Measure Yourself
Smart As measures four different parts of your brain, Observation, Language, Logic and Arithmetic. It tracks these with twenty brain training games and augmented reality challenges that will help you see exactly how good you are and if you’ve improved over time.

Tracks Improvement
Utilising daily challenges, Smart As tracks your development and helps you improve yourself gradually over time. The puzzles that Smart As comes up with are intelligent and use the PS Vita’s controls in innovative ways that will give your brain a work out.

Leader Board Comparisons
What’s the point of improving if you can’t see the difference between you and others? Smart As can not only compare you with PlayStation Network or Facebook friends, but also ranks you in your city, country or the entire world.