What can I trade?

At EB Games, you can trade consoles, games, accessories, and devices you’ve finished with, to save money on what you really want!

If you’re thinking about trading in, it’s always a good idea to make sure you have everything you need in order to trade.

Below is a list of the formats that we currently trade in our 300+ stores across Australia. Check individual formats for specific trading requirements.

If you get stuck or have any questions, ask at your local EB Games store or contact our friendly customer service team on 13 39 30 for more information.

Trading PlayStation 4 Games
Trading PlayStation 4 Consoles
Xbox One
Trading Xbox One Games
Trading Xbox One Consoles
Nintendo Switch
Trading Nintendo Switch Games
Trading Nintendo Switch Consoles
Trading PlayStation 3 Games
Trading PlayStation 3 Consoles
Xbox 360
Trading Xbox 360 Games
Trading Xbox 360 Consoles
Nintendo Wii U
Trading Nintendo Wii U Games
Trading Nintendo Wii U Consoles
Nintendo Wii
Trading Nintendo Wii Games
Trading Nintendo Wii Consoles
Nintendo Handhelds
Trading Nintendo Handheld Games
Trading Nintendo Handheld Consoles
PS Vita
Trading PSV Games
Trading PSV Consoles
Trading PlayStation 2 Consoles
Trading iPhones
Trading iPads
Trading iPods
Mobile Phones
Trading Mobile Phones
Trading Toys-to-Life