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Product overview

FIFA 15 brings football to life in stunning detail so fans can experience the sport like never before. Witness the intensity of crowds chanting and cheering like on match day in the most complete football experience to date. Authentic Player Visuals make players lean, athletic, and true to their real-life appearance. Player Control heightens the responsiveness of player movement, gives athletes more control and personality on the ball, and makes Man-to-Man Battles more rewarding than ever before. And for the first time ever, all 20 stadiums in the Barclays Premier League will be fully captured in the game taking Unmatched Authenticity to a whole new level. Football is the greatest drama on earth and FIFA 15 puts fans center stage.


Unrivalled Intelligence 

  • Team Management - FIFA 15 gives fans a brand new way to manage their teams in Career Mode. An all new interface makes it easier to manage all components of your club including - easily pre-set team formations, set player roles for captaincy, free kicks, and customizable instructions for all 10 outfield players.
  • Team Tactics - Opponents will now recognize what’s happening in the match and adjust their tactics just like real players. “Park the Bus” and “All Out Attack” are two of the Team Tactics fans will recognize in FIFA 15.

Player Control 

  • Agility & Control - Player responsiveness and ball control are on a whole new level in FIFA 15.  Run Touch Dribbling allows players to better keep the ball under control in a sprint and in close-touch situations.  More precise steps and turns at low speed, and closer control at high speeds, give fans more control and increased mobility when commanding players on the pitch.  
  • Man-to-Man Battles - In FIFA 15, physicality reigns supreme in the battle for possession. Full-body defending, push/pull mechanics, possession tackles, and shirt pulling all make defending your goal more rewarding than ever before.
  • Correct Contacts - FIFA 15 revolutionizes the way the football responds and reacts to contact  – for every kick, touch, or deflection the ball will spin, dip, and move accurately. 

Incredible Visuals 

  • Authentic Player Visuals - The Next Generation football player has arrived – players faces are now incredibly detailed and their bodies are lean, powerful, and athletic, just like their real life counterparts.

Unmatched Authenticity

  • Barclays Premier League - The most popular football league in the world is now the most authentic league in the game with the integration of all 20 top flight EPL team’s stadiums, over 200 new authentic player headscans, and the debut of the Goal Decision System. 

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Epic Clearance PS3