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Anima: Gate of Memories

Anima: Gate of Memories

PC  |  Role Playing
M - Recommended for mature audiences
Recommended for mature audiences
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Product overview

Our protagonists awake inside a strange structure where they are no longer alone; strange beings are also summoned there. Soon, both will discover that something darker than they could imagine is about to begin, a war in the shadows in which they will have a leading role.

  • 15 hours of gameplay
  • A deep and multifaceted story. The player's choices and actions will influence the journey and decide the destiny of the characters with multiple endings.
  • Epic battles with formidable opponents. Challenge many legendary entities, each with their own special features and game play. 
  • Take the role of two different characters, each of which has their own abilities and powers.
  • Decide how to develop the characters skills, much like character advancement in the Anima: Beyond Fantasy RPG.

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