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The Witcher: Enhanced Edition

The Witcher: Enhanced Edition

PC  |  Role Playing
MA15+ - Not suitable for people under 15
Strong violence, sex scenes & drug references
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Product overview

The Witcher enhanced edition contains all of the features and functions of The Witcher, with the following additions.

  • Improved inventory
  • Over 100 new gesture animations
  • Over 50 new types of background NPCs
  • Eye tracking (NPCs look at the Witcher, offering improved in-game immersion)
  • More new NPC faces
  • Increased performance and user friendliness of the game system
  • Loading times cut by 80%
  • Improved facial expressions and lipsync in dialog
  • Improved in-fight response
  • Redesigned combat style/swords GUI
  • Faster inventory and menu loading
  • Corrected English translation + selected new voice overs
  • Djini Toolets included - now enabling players to create their own adventures
  • Two new adventures in the world of the Witcher - over 10 hours of new gameplay


Mid Year Sale PC