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Monopoly Gamer Collector's Edition

Monopoly Gamer Collector's Edition

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Product overview

It's the Monopoly game with a Nintendo twist as it joins forces with beloved Nintendo characters. It's not just about money in this game; players earn points by buying Properties, collecting Coins, and beating Bosses. This edition includes a Bowser token and character card with unique Monopoly game abilities.
Activate Abilities With the Power-up Die 
With each turn, players roll the numbered die to move along the gameboard and also roll the Power-up Die. Each Character gets a special boost when that Character rolls a certain Power-up Ability, such as being able to steal Coins from each player, collecting Coins from the bank, or even choosing another player to drop 3 Coins.
The Monopoly Game for Nintendo Fans
The Monopoly Gamer Collector's Edition board game features 5 Character tokens, including an exclusive Bowser token, an exclusive Bowser Jr. Boss card; and includes a 25-page game guide, featured within a colorful character booklet that includes stickers, bios about each character, Nintendo artwork, and a roster to show off which characters have been collected. The box also includes a tray to store your Monopoly Gamer Board Game Character tokens.
Product Details:
  • Includes exclusive Bowser Character token and Bowser Jr. Boss card
  • Includes stickers and 25-page game guide with Nintendo artwork
  • Box includes a tray to store character tokens

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