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Marvel - Spider-Man - Venom Collector’s Gallery Statue

Marvel - Spider-Man - Venom Collector’s Gallery Statue

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Watch out, Spidey! Sometimes a villain, sometimes an antihero, the alien Symbiote know as Venom strikes fear into the hearts of those in the Marvel Universe! When he's a villain, the hulking brute is one of the deadliest foes of Spider-Man.

With his origins in the original Marvel Secret Wars and his first appearance in The Amazing Spider-Man #300, Venom has been a thorn in the side of your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man for almost three decades! 

Featuring a lot of teeth, a lot of tongue, and a lot of terror, the hulking alien symbiote known as Venom has been digitally sculpted and hand painted by Gentle Giant to create this sensational 1:8 scale polyresin Spider-Man Venom Collector's Gallery Statue.

TOTAKU Collection